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TCN Media is a Web channel run by Maryada Foundation, a US based non-profit organization dedicated for education and science globally. In India it is supported by Kuruom Jankalyan Sansthan, U.P., India.

TCN Media is a new initiative to empower people globally to voice their views through Stories, Interviews, Talks, Commentaries and Observations. It aims for the betterment of the society. Its main purpose is to transform the society bottoms up and from within.

Youth are the backbone of any society. They must be educated and inspired so that they become more confident and accomplish their full potential to serve the society. We need alternative media narrative for youth. The current media focus on city and urban areas and lifestyle which is detrimental to rural youth, and youth from deprived families. Our channel will connect urban and rural youth for sharing creative ideas and approaches to address several critical society problems. TCN Media has international outreach both for viewership and subjects as we have to empower people globally.

TCN Media channel has established by Dr. Bal Ram Singh. He was the professor at UMass Dartmouth, USA from 1990 to 2014. He is the Professor and President of the Institute of Advanced Sciences, USA. Dr. Singh is the President and Director of Maryada Foundation, USA. He has a lot of experience in media as he has been in many national and International channels such as Fox TV, BBC, DD National, Lok Sabha TV and many regional Doordarshan channels. He believes that media can change the world and we can do better for the society through mass media. He has a vision of a better world to live in and TCN Media channel is a medium for this big purpose.